About M.R.I.necraft

M.R.I.necraft is a map viewer that combines a top-down view of the world with a slice of vertical strata at the mouse location. The name comes from the same place as my inspiration for the piece — medical M.R.I. scans as applied to Minecraft.

Of course, I can't take all of the credit. I needed two existing programs:

Using PixelMap, I generated map slices at each of the 128 levels. These levels are loaded into the program, and the appropriate row of each slice is displayed in a stack at the mouse cursor's location. As you move the mouse up and down, the strata for that row is positioned such that sea-level is stuck to the mouse.

M.R.I.necraft Demo

I'll be adding more features as I get to them, including an application to let you build M.R.I.necrafts of your own worlds.

Until I add integrated view controls, you can zoom in and out through the context menu (right-click or control-click). Panning can be achieved by right-clicking, and then click-dragging the mouse.